Artist Statement...

My practice involves uncovering or creating narratives and frameworks around the everyday. The work is a relishing of, or meditation on, the potential of the prosaic to create new or unexpected parallels, connections and meanings.

I tend to work through preoccupations or obsessions, often long-term in scope, that grow from observations derived from daily life and routine, reframing them through experimentation with photographic media. The intention is to offer the viewer an angle on the ordinary that is a little oblique or unorthodox, and induce an awareness of further possibilities within the apparently mundane.


Karen Tierney is a photographer and interaction and graphic designer living and working in Dublin.

Karen has a certificate in Biomedical Science from DIT, a BA in English and Art History from UCD and an MSC in Multimedia Systems from TCD. She is currently in her final year of a degree in photographic media from Griffith College Dublin.

She works in the National Digital Research Centre as an interaction and graphic designer on SilverCloud, an online platform for the delivery of mental health programmes.